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Re: Why does $'' not expand inside ""?

On Dec 23,  8:41pm, ZyX wrote:
} Subject: Re: ( Text in unknown character set UTF-8 not shown )

Sorry about that weird subject.

} > I believe the reasoning is that double-quote is allowed to appear
} > inside $'...' and to expand $'...' inside double-quotes creates a
} > parsing conflict.  "How does this $'with " embeded' parse?"
} "How does this $'with " embeded' parse?"
} "Just like this `with " embedded` parse."

Ah, but backticks were already present in the shell.  The conflict is
with "How did this $'with " embedded' parse before $'existed'?"

} > The documentation for zsh tends to omit things that are assumed
} > knowledge, particularly when a concept or feature originates from
} > another source -- because if you didn't already know about it from
} > the original source, why did you even think to use it?
} But when I worked in bash I knew nothing about $'...' (because I
} even did not know where to find documentation to tweak my inputrc).

Entirely understandable nowadays, but much of the zsh doc was written
when zsh was always the shell to which someone switched from another
shell with which they were already familiar.  That's not the case as
often any more now that zsh is packaged with several OS dists, and is
not the case for $'...', but the tendency to write that way remains.

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