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Re: [PATCH] Compilation fix for AIX (missing consts)

2011/4/26 Jérémie Roquet <arkanosis@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I've had to fix the source to compile zsh on AIX. It looks like the
> protos were wrong anyway, but gcc doesn't complain on Linux…

Yeah, that section doesn't get included on Linux, since it has the
prototypes available in the public term.h and termcap.h.  I
(temporarily) commented out the #if/#endif lines and made all the
changes necessary to get it to compile without error, which also
required adding a "const" to the 3 "char *id" args that you didn't
change.  Since that section of the file is only supposed to be used
when the public prototypes aren't available, that should be better
than what we had before.

Does AIX have a conflicting header file?  Or just the calls weren't
matching the prototypes?  If the former, you may want to look into why
the Src/Modules/termcap.c code isn't setting either USES_TERMCAP_H or


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