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Re: zle messes up 'words' variable?

On May 5,  7:40pm, Felipe Contreras wrote:
} I asked the question very clearly[1], and nobody seems to be
} interested in fixing the slowness issue *now*, and trying to improve
} the performance of the more correct approach *later*.

I don't think there's any useful distinction.  "Now" is still relative
to how soon a new version is installable, and the level of effort
required to gut the existing code and produce a faster "seems to work
but is less correct" version appears comparable to the effort of making
performance improvements on the correct version.

Nikolai put a lot of effort into the current version and as we're all
volunteers here I can't fault him for not wanting to expend effort on
gutting it.  In the same way that the bash variant is good enough for
you, what he's contributed is presently working the way he prefers.  If
no one else is available to produce an alternative, well, that happens
sometimes with a volunteer work force.

If you're not willing to volunteer either, it's not helpful to drive by
with throwaway denigrations of what "you guys want."

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