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Re: #include problem for generated files included in system.h

On May 9, 11:44am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} My Solaris 8 (ancient but still working) set-up uses separate source and
} build trees.  This is falling over when system.h tries to include
} zshterm.h and zshcurses.h: system.h is included in the build tree from
} the source tree (<somer-relative-path-added-to-zsh.mdd>/system.h) which
} causes it not to find zshterm.h and zshcurses.h in the build tree itself.

Thanks for running into this before I did. ;-)  I've used separate source
and build trees for years on my primary zsh test system, because I build
the shell both static and dynamic link from the same source tree.

} I think the fix is probably to move the stuff from system.h into a
} separate header and #include that after system.h.  However, maybe
} someone can see a simpler fix.

Rather than generate <some-relative-path-added-to-zsh.mdd>/system.h
why not add -Isome-relative-path-added-to-zsh.mdd to CLFAGS?  Is the
path being generated at a poor place relative to building Makefiles?

While we're at it the name "system.h" has always seemed a bit generic
to me, and therefore likely to clash with something.


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