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completion for unison


(This was suggested by someone on #zsh on the freenode network.)

Unison is a very useful file synchronization tool, and works both locally, via ssh or rsync, and others. Unlike (for instance) scp and rsync, unison also handles deletion, ignoring certain files, and a ton of other features. I am not a unison developer, but as a happy user, I recommend it highly at any appropriate opportunity.

I have written a completion script for the command line version of unison (a gui also exists, for those with fear of text commands).  I thought it would be great to share it with the world, so perhaps it will make it into the next zsh release?

Feel free to come with changes or suggestions, as my understanding of the zsh completion system is not as deep as my appreciation of it. I just looked at various examples and built my script from there.


I do not subscribe to this list (yet) so please CC me with any replies.

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