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PATCH (1 of 2): Re: XTRACE output -- I thought we'd fixed this?

On May 23,  8:19am, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} The code to create a newxtrerr exec.c after line 2867 does get run,
} and then the redirections happen, but then at line 3082 after closing
} all the mnodes, we restore xtrerr to stderr again.  This was added
} in the same patch that introduced the newxtrerr copy of xtrerr.  The
} www.zsh.org web server is down so I can't check the archive

Ahh, it's back.  In workers/25145, PWS is attempting to fix a reported
bug where

 zsh -xc 'f() { { echo a; } 2> /dev/null; }; f'

fails to properly redirect the trace of "echo a;".  PWS traces this to
workers/9792, where I patched some xtrace bugs but I also noted:

  There is still one problem with this: The xtrace output of ( ...)
  and { ... } constructs is NOT redirected with stderr, which it
  should be. I suspect that's a matter of restoring xtrerr = stderr
  in entersubsh(), but I wasn't sure exactly where.

However, I *believed* I had fixed this in workers/9794, which may have
gotten missed at the time 25145 was being researched.  Apparently I
only fixed some simple cases of { ... } and there is a complication
that I missed back then regarding redirection inside function bodies.

To which PWS responded:

 Shouldn't we be able to do something like the following?  It
 unconditionally sets xtrerr to stderr after redirection, but also
 remembers if there was a temporary copy of xtrerr and restores
 xtrerr if there was.

Followed by a patch which fixes the problem with the function bodies
by breaking again some but not all of the things I fixed in 9792 and
9794.  Unfortunately the regression test cases I created in 9794 then
were updated to reflect the re-broken behavior, whereas if they'd been
left unchanged they would have revealed that 25145 was in fact not
the correct fix.

Ironically, the bug 25145 was supposed to fix isn't even represented
in the test cases that were added by the diffs in 25145.

Also in 25145, PWS inquires:

 I don't really understand why saving and restoring stderr (with
 no special variables apart from those used locally for saving and
 restoring) properly shouldn't automatically do the correct thing.
 Why does this need to be different from any other use of stderr?

No one ever followed up on that question.

The answer, I believe, is that zsh because doesn't actually fork
when doing a builtin command, particularly in { ... }, xtrace must
have a different fd.  Redirecting 2>something changes the meaning of
fd 2, it doesn't replace fd 2 with a different descriptor.  So any
FILE* in C that has fileno() == 2 will be (sometimes improperly)
redirected if it's not dup'd first.

So as nearly as I can tell, the following patch produces a correct
version of E02xtrace.ztst, including the bug 25145 was intended to
address.  Any failures this reveals need to be  fixed in the C code.
For which a proposed patch follows in my next message.

What may still be missing from this test case is a source'd file
that contains redirections.  I got lost trying to follow what bash
does with that.  More on this in the next message as well.

Index: Test/E02xtrace.ztst
diff -c -r1.5 E02xtrace.ztst
--- Test/E02xtrace.ztst	4 Nov 2008 04:47:53 -0000	1.5
+++ Test/E02xtrace.ztst	24 May 2011 06:07:20 -0000
@@ -7,6 +7,11 @@
     local regression_test_dummy_variable
     print "$*"
+  function xtfx {
+    local regression_test_dummy_variable
+    print "Tracing: (){ builtin 2>file }" 2>>xtrace.err
+    { print "Tracing: (){ { builtin } 2>file }" } 2>>xtrace.err
+  }
   echo 'print "$*"' > xt.in
@@ -31,6 +36,7 @@
   repeat 1 do cat <<<'Tracing: do external done 2>file'; done 2>>xtrace.err
   xtf 'Tracing: function'
   xtf 'Tracing: function 2>file' 2>>xtrace.err
+  xtfx
   . ./xt.in 'Tracing: source'
   . ./xt.in 'Tracing: source 2>file' 2>>xtrace.err
   set +x
@@ -54,23 +60,23 @@
 >Tracing: do external done 2>file
 >Tracing: function
 >Tracing: function 2>file
+>Tracing: (){ builtin 2>file }
+>Tracing: (){ { builtin } 2>file }
 >Tracing: source
 >Tracing: source 2>file
->+(eval):4> print 'Tracing: builtin 2>file'
->+(eval):6> cat
 >+(eval):8> print 'Tracing: ( builtin ) 2>file'
 >+(eval):10> cat
 >+(eval):12> print 'Tracing: { builtin } 2>file'
 >+(eval):14> cat
 >+(eval):16> print 'Tracing: do builtin done 2>file'
 >+(eval):18> cat
->+(eval):20> xtf 'Tracing: function 2>file'
 >+xtf:1> local regression_test_dummy_variable
 >+xtf:2> print 'Tracing: function 2>file'
->+(eval):22> . ./xt.in 'Tracing: source 2>file'
->+./xt.in:1> print 'Tracing: source 2>file'
+>+xtfx:3> print 'Tracing: (){ { builtin } 2>file }'
 ?+(eval):3> print 'Tracing: builtin'
+?+(eval):4> print 'Tracing: builtin 2>file'
 ?+(eval):5> cat
+?+(eval):6> cat
 ?+(eval):7> print 'Tracing: ( builtin )'
 ?+(eval):9> cat
 ?+(eval):11> print 'Tracing: { builtin }'
@@ -80,9 +86,15 @@
 ?+(eval):19> xtf 'Tracing: function'
 ?+xtf:1> local regression_test_dummy_variable
 ?+xtf:2> print 'Tracing: function'
-?+(eval):21> . ./xt.in 'Tracing: source'
+?+(eval):20> xtf 'Tracing: function 2>file'
+?+(eval):21> xtfx
+?+xtfx:1> local regression_test_dummy_variable
+?+xtfx:2> print 'Tracing: (){ builtin 2>file }'
+?+(eval):22> . ./xt.in 'Tracing: source'
 ?+./xt.in:1> print 'Tracing: source'
-?+(eval):23> set +x
+?+(eval):23> . ./xt.in 'Tracing: source 2>file'
+?+./xt.in:1> print 'Tracing: source 2>file'
+?+(eval):24> set +x
  typeset -ft xtf
  xtf 'Tracing: function'

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