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Re: Problem with fake-files style and cd

On May 27,  6:57am, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
} On 27 May 2011 06:41, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
} > There are no full-stops in any of the other items in that list.

Hmm, I'm wrong about that; other-files (which is the other place that
says "used instead") has full stops both in the middle and at the end.
variant has one at the end only.  Not very consistent, are we.

} How's this?

Fine, except see below.

} > More substantively, remind me what "used instead" means here?  The
} > word "used" is not specific enough, I guess.
} I'm not sure how this is unclear, but when cdpath is set,
} local-directories is looked up, when it is unset directories is looked
} up.

Ok, so "used" means "looked up".  But the above is true only for "cd"
(and other commands handled by _cd), not by e.g. _files.

And path-directories is looked up *as well*, not *instead*, though it
is used before named-directories and after local-directories.  The
intent is that anything that would be in directories is split among
local- and path- when cdpath is set.

} That reminds me, one of the places that uses it is the entry for
} use-perl

Well, yeah, but that one is talking about perl being run in place of
awk.  There's only one thing "used" can possibly mean there, and
anyway use-perl is a style name, not a tag name.

} which says that _make uses this style, but since the rewrite
} it does not. It is currently completely unused, should we remove this
} paragraph?
} Currently this is only used in completions for `make', but it may be
} extended depending on authorial frustration.

If it's entirely unused we could remove the entire entry, or replace
that paragraph with one that says the style name is reserved for use
by future competion authors, or the like.

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