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Re: PATCH: Fix (mis-)uses of var() in vcs_info documentation

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> Also fixes some uses of tt() where bf() [which stands for ...?] was the
> intended effect, but I may have missed any number of those as I only
> changed them where I encountered them while doing a search-and-replace
> on var().  Also fixed a couple of places where quotes that were inside
> the tt() macro seemed meant to be outside, and some line-ending back-
> slashes that were being improperly stripped.


Thanks for doing this. I meant to do this today, because I'll be on the
train for a few hours. Now I can read that new `cmake' book I got
myself. ;-)

> Someone more familiar with the intended semantics should proofread.
> Also I wonder if vcs_info is now worthy of its own .yo file, along the
> lines of zftpsys, calsys, and tcpsys.

I'll read through it soonish.

I am not really familiar with yodl, would putting it in its own .yo file
require a lot of work or is it more or less straight forward?

Regards, Frank

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