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Re: FW: Zsh 4.3.12 failure on OpenBSD

On Wed, 01 Jun 2011 11:33:22 +0100, Mikael Magnusson <mikachu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Okay, so in a latin1 locale, \M-a is á which is printable, so it isn't
converted back to \M-a by (V). I also noticed that in one of the
tests, the input has "^X" but not the c flag, but does use V, so the
test can't tell if it was converted or not, because it'll always come
out as ascii "^X". I guess there's not really much point in testing
\M-a, since I already test \C-x and it's handled by the same code. The
test is just for calling the function that does that properly, not
that that function actually works ;). I hope I can at least rely on
\C-x not being printable anywhere? Or is it okay to include a literal
^X in the expected test output? I'm not sure how else I can test that
^X is parsed properly.

Ideally we want to output stuff as a stream of octets.  I'm not
sure there's an easy way of doing that with parameters alone.
You can use $(( #foo )), looping over octets in the string.

If you want to test non-ASCII characters you can use
the multibyte test file, which ensures the locale is
using UTF-8.


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