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zsh segfault on completion of `git show'


	zsh makes a segfault when one tries to complete a file name present
	in the argument of `git show'.

	The exact condition is that the argument appears like this:
	in which <filename> indicates a string that have one and only one
	candidate for file name completion. For example, when only `a' and
	`abc' appear in <directory>, <filename> can be `ab' or `abc', which
	can only be completed to `abc'.

Machine condition:

	OS: Gentoo Linux

Steps to reproduce:

	# [Some preparation]
	mkdir -p zsh-segfault/pia/
	touch zsh-segfault/pia/test
	cd zsh-segfault/
	git init; git add .; git commit -m test

	# [Now trigger the segfault]
	#  `<TAB>' indicates pressing the tab key.
	# `t', `te' or `tes' as <filename> also works.
	git show master:pia/test<TAB>

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