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Re: PATCH: Fall back to file completion if nothing else works

Johan Sundström wrote:
> Anyway, my -0 doesn't carry much weight here; it is just opinion and my
> reasoning behind it. I personally prefer that in cases zsh completion
> doesn't know what to complete, it won't try something that might, or might
> not, be semantically valid for the command line.
> This is one of those preference things where a behaviour somebody (your or
> me) prefers isn't right or wrong, but where taste just differs among people.

Fair enough.  Still, I think it would be pretty much in line with how
the rest of compsys works. Say there's a program for which there is no
special completion, then compsys falls back to completing
files. Actually, the command doesn't even have to be a valid
command. Compsys will still fall back to completing files:

  zsh% doesntexist <tab>

...will complete files.

And since the old `_git' behaved like that, too. I think it's the right
thing to do[tm], per default.

If it's really really annoying enough for you and others we could always
put in a boolean style and make that behaviour configurable via
`zstyle'. We could make zsh say "Unknown sub-command" in that case to,
if the fall-back was disabled by the user...

>> No, it's not.  The behaviour I really want is for _git to accept real
>> completion add ons.
> Ah, I thought that was where you were going. This sounds useful to me, too.

Yeah, just send a patch that implements something like that.

Regards, Frank

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