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Re:one newest API for hair loss/YingYing Pharma

From: YingYing Pharma (China branch)

Dear Sir ,

Good morning.

Now company is the only supplier of one newest API for hair loss:

17alpha-propionate (CB-03-01). CAS 19608-29-8, asay more than 98%.

This is a very new and helpful medicine.

1g, USD 780/g, including the DHL fee;
10g, USD 350/g, including the DHL fee.

As this we have provide some Amercian lab and Merck lab. So the quality must be perfect.

If you have any interesting, Pls feel free contact me.

Sincerely waiting for your reply.


CB-03-01, a new chemical entity, is a steroidal ester, androgen antagonist derived from 11-deoxycortisone, which tightly mimics the profile of an ideal anti-androgen for topical use. 

The objective is to create a product for topical application to treat acne, male pattern baldness, and seborrhoea that does not have the side effects of products currently being taken in tablet form.

The company has completed the phase I clinical trials, and completed the phase II proof of concept trial for the treatment of acne vulgaris. The results show clinically and statistically superiority to placebo on all scores, clinically better than Retin® A cream, and very well tolerated.



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