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Re: reading/saving history file dependent on isset(RCS)

On Wed, 19 Oct 2011, Greg Klanderman wrote:

Hi, can someone explain the thinking behind reading and saving of the history file being dependent on isset(RCS)? The code predates CVS.. Seems like if you've set HISTFILE/SAVEHIST, it should honor that.

I did find this partially documented, in section "5.1 Startup/Shutdown Files":

| Note also that the RCS option affects the saving of history files,
| i.e. if RCS is unset when the shell exits, no history file will be
| saved.

but it does not document that reading the history file is similarly conditioned on that option.

This bit me last time I was trying to debug someone's history-related issues. I found that passage, too, (eventually), which is why I didn't complain then. I don't understand the rationale for the conditioning. I'd be interested in seeing this changed if there's not a good reason for its being conditioned by default.


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