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Re: [patch] Re: UTF-8 and PCRE and metafy

On 2011-10-23 at 17:32 +0100, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> I didn't look through in great detail, so I haven't validated the
> structure, but certainly what I saw looked fine

Committed; 1.19 of pcre.c.

> You'd probably need to encapsulate it within a test for loading the
> library, given which it's probably easier just to copy D07multibyte.ztst
> and add to the prerequisites a test for loading zsh/pcre at that point,
> which ought to be easy.

I even tested the test before commit!  *cough*  Which shows that I still
have Y01completion.ztst hanging forever for me; need to figure that out.

Added "V07pcre.ztst", added a few tests.

At some point, there was a discussion about whether $MATCH/$match should
be _unset_ when regex tests fail: at present we don't.  Did anyone have
any strong opinions on this?  At the moment, I unset manually after each
print of results, for a batch of simple tests I added.


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