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Re: pcre test failures

I got similar errors with the recent CVS head.

Vin Shelton has reported two types of errors from V07pcre.ztst:

[1] V07pcre.ztst is run even if the module pcre.so is not built
(i.e., if --enable-pcre is not specified for ./configure).
Then the test fails with an error like "failed to load module 'zsh/pcre'".
This is quite annoying.
To avoid this the "%prep" section of the V07pcre.ztst must be modified
as follows:

if zmodload zsh/pcre 2>/dev/null; then
  ....(current %prep section goes into here)
  ZTST_unimplemented="the zsh/pcre module is not available"

[2] If --enable-pcre is specified for ./configure
but the pcre-config command is not installed on the host,
then virtually empty pcre.so is built.
I guess this is the second case in the Vin's post.
pcre-config (and pcre.h etc.) are in pcre-dev (or similar) package in
many Linux distros. Once I installed this package it worked fine
(tested on Fedora14).

I think it would be better to modify configure.ac so that enable-pcre
is reset to "no" if pcre-config command is not found. 

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