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Re: Job management puzzle/bug?

[Accidentally sent this just to Andreas, resending for zsh-workers]

Apparently you shouldn't send multipart/signed mail to the zsh mailing
lists.  Either the list server stripped off the first set of part
headers, or something messed it up on your end, but either way I got a
garbled message and had to dig the actual text out of the raw message
in order to quote it here.

On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 5:10 PM, Andreas Kloeckner <inform@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> here's a zsh behavior I don't understand:
> ^Z
> [1] + 29395 suspended python test_quad.py 'test_integral_equation()'
> $ kill %1
> $ jobs andreas@ding 20:01
> [1] + suspended python test_quad.py 'test_integral_equation()'
> $ kill -9 %1
> kill: kill %1 failed: no matching process

This is probably one of the interrelated bugs that were fixed by
zsh-workers/29769 or 29677 or 29481.  Is it possible for you to try to
reproduce this with zsh-4.3.13, released just this past week?

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