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Re: Next release

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> As 4.3 seems to be pretty stable I'd like to release 5.0 shortly without
> any further major changes.

While this is coming up, I'd like to bring up the following from a mail from
Peter in January of the year¹:

| CVS is still down.  It sounds like it's probably time to move to git
| after the next stable release, nobody's suggested replacing it with an
| even more trendy system yet...

I don't know if that's still something people want. But I thought I'd bring
it up again anyway. FWIW, the FVWM folks were planning a similar move and
one of their developers (Thomas Adam) wrote a lengthy mail describing how
it could work:


They had a similar starting point as zsh has. One major development branch
in CVS and a working git mirror in place.

Thomas later followed up on himself with the following mail regarding the
ChangeLog file:


...and I couldn't agree more.

I don't know if dropping the stable- vs development versions, is something
that would work for zsh (although I think it could - everybody uses 4.3.x
anyway) and I also don't know if there would be as much use of public topic
branches as Thomas suggests, because that probably only makes sense when
big features are being added. But all in all, I think he makes a lot of
relevant points that might be transferable to zsh development as well.

If there is someone who doesn't know zsh has a working git mirror, yet,
the browsable gitweb is here:


and the clone address is this:


Regards, Frank

¹ <http://www.zsh.org/mla/workers//2011/msg00109.html>

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