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Re: precmd: write error: interrupted

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Sat, May 4, 2013 at 5:01 PM, Frank Terbeck <ft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> I'm afraid these changes break SIGWINCH handling of child processes.
> Not entirely surprising.  I wondered about that but tried it with a couple
> of apps before posting and they seemed to be responding to the change in
> size.  I didn't actually test whether they were receiving WINCH, though.
> The below should help, but someone will have to commit it for me, because

It does help with normal children (ie. the ones the shell fork()s for).
But it doesn't fix cases, in which you use `exec' to replace the shell
process with the child process.

> the computer with my sourceforge ssh keys suffered a video chip meltdown
> yesterday and I haven't had a chance to repair it or pull the key file from
> backup yet.  For the same reason, I'm composing this in gmail, so I hope
> the patch has not been mangled.

It was mangled, but is was short enough to apply manually.

I've pushed this, because it's definitely an improvement. I tried
looking for the right position to unblock SIGWINCH for the `exec' case
in exec.c, but couldn't find it yet. Maybe someone has a more specific
idea than I do?

Regards, Frank

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