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Crashing shell on 5.0.2 OSX, logs attached


I've been experiencing some crashes recently and was advised to post here from #zsh.

Logs are attached, more information if there's something specific I can provide.

Basically the crashes happen deterministically if I run

git commit -m "

in a certain git repo (but not for a different set of indexed changes?, if I commit from within a bash subprocess and then make some more changes I get no crash even if I make a multiline commit, same if I commit in another repo).

I also get crashes if I run `workon stuf<tab>` (workon being from virtualenvwrapper). I didn't look to carefully at the logs to see whether these are likely to be two separate issues but the ones from today are from running the latter command.

I'm on OSX (Mountain Lion) and zsh --version is:

zsh 5.0.2 (x86_64-apple-darwin12.3.0)

Can't think of any major changes I've made to my system recently. First started noticing the crashes this week.

Installed plugins and my zshrc can be found here if that's helpful




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