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Re: Not everyone seems to think Bash’s Git completion is better than Zsh’s


> Here’s a presentation that compares Zsh’s Git completion with Bash’s and (for
> once?) we come out on top.
> http://www.slideshare.net/jaguardesignstudio/why-zsh-is-cooler-than-your-shell-16194692

Of course you come up on top, because the guy isn't even testing git's

He says you can install the bash-completion package to get the
completions, but he is wrong; git completions work without
bash-completion, and many distributions ship them that way so users
get them automatically when installing git.



* no cycling through options with repeated tabs?
* breaks to new prompt line on each tab instead of updating in-place?

bind '"\t":menu-complete'

Also, he has no idea of git's zsh completion:


So of course he didn't do a fair comparison; he compared no completion
to zsh-zsh's completion. And then git-bash's completion, but never
compared git-zsh's completion.

Felipe Contreras

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