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Feature requests


I've been a user of zsh for some time. I've gotten used to it and
appreciate the breadth (and depth) of configurability which it offers.
Despite of this, there are two minor features whose absence bugs me a
little and which I would like to be added.

The first one regards the behaviour of the LISTMAX variable.
Currently, it's possible to make zsh list a maximum or a minimum
number of (lines of) matches without asking, ask only if the list of
matches exceeds one screenfull, or page the list by setting

There is no way, however, to disable the prompt altogether (the best
one can do is to set LISTMAX to -1, which only prompts in case of a
single match). Therefore, I kindly request a small modification in
order to obtain the desired behaviour (e.g. never ask if LISTMAX is

The other one concerns the insertion and removal of suffixes (such as
spaces or slashes) after a successful completion. One option
(AUTO_REMOVE_SLASH) controls the removal of slashes. One variable
(ZLE_REMOVE_SUFFIX_CHARS) controls removal of suffixes if followed by
the respective characters, but not if one types a control (or
‘non-insertable’, according to the manual) character.

My question is: can something be done to disable the removal of the
space suffix (or any other suffix, if there are any besides space and
slash) when followed by non-insertables, the way AUTO_REMOVE_SLASH
does for slashes?

Andi Șerbănescu

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