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Re: Another yodl 3.0 oddity?

On 2013/06/04, at 15:01, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>          number the directories in the stack when printing.
> []
> disable [ -afmprs ] NAME ...

Please try using WIDER terminal window so that info browser can
display whole of the status line (the bottom line of the info browser);
yes, this may sound nonsense, but just give it a try.

I guess the index now brings you to one line (not two lines) above the
'disable ...' line (this may be a bug of the info browser).

Next try deleting an extra blank line (line 289) in builtin.yo:

          --- this line

and 'make info' again. Now I *hope* the index will bring you to the
correct line (if the width of your terminal is wide enough).

> This in turn seems to be happening because yodl has been
> invoked with the -k flag,

zsh.texi produced by yodl with and without the '-k' option are identical:

$ yodl --version
yodl version 3.00.0
$ yodl -k -L -o zsh.texi -I. -w ztexi.yo version.yo zsh.yo
$ yodl -L -o zsh2.texi -I. -w ztexi.yo version.yo zsh.yo
$ cmp zsh.texi zsh2.texi
(no output)


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