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Re: Update .editorconfig file: comment lines should occupy individual lines

On 6/8/13 11:45 AM, Aaron Schrab wrote:
At 00:32 -0700 08 Jun 2013, Hong Xu <hong@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The attachment fixes an issue of the .editorconfig file in the zsh
repository: comments should occupy individual lines, but not be
appended to another line.

Responding as the person who originally submitted the .editorconfig file

The file format details section of the editorconfig website doesn't say
anything about comments needing to be on separate lines, I guess that's
expected to be understood when it states that the format is based on INI
files.  I'd say that should be clarified.

But, since you're one of the initiators of the format, I'll defer to you
on that detail.  At worst, having an extra newline certainly shouldn't
hurt anything.

Yeah, you're right, the detail isn't on the website. Actually this was a mistake that we made. I'll add the details to the website.



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