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Re: Strange initial escape string

On Jun 15,  1:31pm, Mario Signorino wrote:
} export XPIPETERMINATOR=$'\033|.'
} PS1="${XPIPETERMINATOR}mario@squit $ "
} The problem is that zsh does not know anything about that escape codes and
} it thinks to have written more chars than it actually has: and it sends the
} carriage return too early (when I reach the end of the line).
} So: how can I tell to zsh to forget those 2 or 3 special chars? Or: is
} there any other way to know that the execution of the last command is just
} finished? something as a "postexec()" function?

As Mikael has already so tersely mentioned:

PS1="%{${XPIPETERMINATOR}%}mario@squit $ "

Assuming xpipe is responsible for starting the shell that runs inside the
emulator, I would suggest that xpipe itself export XPIPETERMINATOR, so that
zsh init files can test for it and adjust prompts.

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