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escape sequences after upgrading

After upgrading my system, I found that every time I change a directory,
zsh spits out an escape sequence that isn't recognized by my terminal.
For example:

amcnabb@sage:/ :) cd /etc
amcnabb@sage:/etc :)

The sequences appear on the screen with lxterminal and xfce4-terminal,
though with gnome-terminal they seem to be interpreted by the terminal.

While there may be a bug in lxterminal and xfce4-terminal, I'm surprised
that these sequences started appearing all of a sudden and that I can't
find any way to disable them.  I've tried all of the following:

precmd() {}
preexec () {}
chpwd () {}

but the sequences keep on getting printed out.  Am I missing something
obvious about how to disable this, or is there by any chance a bug in
zsh involved?  I'm running zsh-5.0.2-4.fc19.x86_64.  Thanks.

Andrew McNabb
PGP Fingerprint: 8A17 B57C 6879 1863 DE55  8012 AB4D 6098 8826 6868

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author