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Re: interactivecomments and preexec

2013-07-22 21:02:03 +0100, Peter Stephenson:
> On Mon, 22 Jul 2013 19:30:12 +0100
> Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > +	ihwend();
> Oops, should be hwend(), which is a function pointer that points to
> ihwend() in the case of interactive history.  Now fixed.


though that works with `zsh -f`, that doesn't seem to work with
those options:

options=(autolist on printexitvalue off kshzerosubscript off histreduceblanks on chaselinks off extendedglob on histnostore off automenu on globcomplete off unset on listpacked off promptsubst on shwordsplit off pathdirs off kshtypeset off listtypes on warncreateglobal off promptbang off dotglob off braceexpand on listbeep off correctall off privileged off numericglobsort off histverify on trackall on histsubstpattern off cbases off rcquotes off posixaliases off histfindnodups off bashautolist off sharehistory off overstrike off kshautoload off incappendhistory on promptcr on mailwarn off pushdignoredups off interactive on ignoreeof off globsubst off rematchpcre off monitor on histsavebycopy on histbeep on debugbeforecmd on magicequalsubst off rmstarsilent off posixjobs off hashcmds on posixtraps off extendedhistory off notify on kshoptionprint off histexpiredupsfirst off glob on posixcd off braceccl off badpattern on longlistjobs off banghist off dvorak off alwaystoend off hashall on globalexport on ksharrays off correct on autonamedirs off histexpand off typesetsilent off rmstarwait off histnofunctions off autoparamslash on trapsasync off sunkeyboardhack off promptsp on histsavenodups on autocd on allexport off posixidentifiers off cshjunkiehistory off autopushd on completeinword off completealiases off aliases on autocontinue on appendhistory on singlelinezle off hashlistall on ignoreclosebraces off recexact off localoptions off interactivecomments off errexit off cshjunkiequotes off markdirs off hashdirs on cdablevars off rcexpandparam off vi off printeightbit off multifuncdef on xtrace off login off cshjunkieloops off histappend on histignorespace on evallineno on shfileexpansion off rcs on functionargzero on errreturn off combiningchars off histignoredups off histfcntllock off beep on autoremoveslash on hup on globdots off autoparamkeys on shnullcmd off multibyte on zle on promptpercent on flowcontrol off continueonerror off autoresume off globassign off caseglob on shortloops on bsdecho off cprecedences off log on transientrprompt on verbose off ignorebraces off equals on menucomplete off cshnullglob off casematch on promptvars on histallowclobber off bareglobqual on shinstdin on restricted off pushdminus off nullglob off chasedots off mailwarning off listambiguous off cshnullcmd off bashrematch off octalzeroes off exec on multios off emacs off nomatch on pathscript off localtraps off stdin on onecmd off kshglob off clobber on posixbuiltins off alwayslastprompt on pushdtohome off histignorealldups on hashexecutablesonly off pushdsilent off shoptionletters off physical off sourcetrace off histlexwords off bgnice on globalrcs on posixstrings off checkjobs on shglob off singlecommand off listrowsfirst off )


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