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Re: [PATCH 15/16] _git: git rm: make git rm --cached work as intended

At 16:37 +0200 30 Jul 2013, Nikolai Weibull <now@xxxxxxx> wrote:
If I understand --cached, it’s exactly like you described, and if you
specify --cached, you only want files actually modified in the index
to be completed.  I may be wrong, but please clarify, as you seem to
be stating a tautology.

No, all files in the index should be available for completion with `git rm --cached`, not just ones which have been modified. The original commit message reads fine to me, I don't see anything tautological about it.

The --cached option for this command causes git to remove the file only from the index, and therefore the next commit. No attempt is made to remove the file from the file system if it exists there. This is often used to remove configuration files from the repository once people figure out that tracking those doesn't work well, without losing the copy stored in the working tree.

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