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zle and unicode (run-help triggered issue)

Being occasionally frivolous, a while ago I set up ☛ (BLACK RIGHT
POINTING INDEX) as an alias for a command I use fairly often.  Heck,
even with digraphs, it works out to be one fewer keystrokes.

Invoking the widget which calls run-help ends up corrupting the unicode
somewhat; I'm wondering if some unmetafy is missing somewhere?  This,
being ZLE, is way outside the areas of zsh I know much about.

zsh 5.0.2, "ilmenite" is a MacOS laptop, "redoubt" is ssh'd into a BSD
machine (from ilmenite) with locale set up correctly for UTF-8 to "just
work".  I'm pasting ☛ into the "zsh -f" to avoid setting up digraphs in
-f, I'm using bindkey to get the run-help onto Esc-H, and am entering ☛,
a space, and then Esc-H.

ilmenite% bindkey -e
ilmenite% run-help ☛
No manual entry for ☛

redoubt% bindkey -e
redoubt% run-help ☛^@^@<005abb18>^@
No manual entry for ☛

The exact text shown changes between shell invocations and sometimes if
I run a different command, but tends to latch onto one sequence, perhaps
showing inverse ^@ (NUL) four times afterwards; the off-by-four is what
leads me to suspect unmetafy issues.

Any ideas?

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author