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zpc_special [was Re: question about glob qualifier format (#qx)]

On Sep 21,  1:30am, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} I accidentally encountered some odd behavior while confirming this.
} With NO_EXTENDED_GLOB, #q is not supposed to be available to introduce
} qualifiers.  However
}     % setopt NO_EXTENDED_GLOB
}     % echo *(#q@)
}     <list of symlinks>
} Whereas
}     % echo *(#q/)
}     zsh: unknown file attribute
} This is inconsistent, that is, sometimes (#q@) will also give "unknown"
} and (#q/) will work.

I believe this has to do with the new zpc_special[] array in pattern.c.
The first time we enter zglob(), it has not been initalized yet (?) and
so "#" is believed to be an active pattern chracter even though the
EXTENDED_GLOB option may not be set.  The next time through zpc_special
will have been initialized, but it doesn't get re-initialized when the
extendedglob option is toggled (?) so the parsing of "#" may be left in
the wrong state.

Or something along those lines; PWS will have a better idea what is
going on, I hope.

I suspect glob.c:zglob() needs to call pattern.c:patparsecharset() before
it begins parsing the qualifiers, but the latter is static in parse.c, so
it isn't called until zglob() calls parsepat() much later, and I don't
follow the ramifications of calling patparsecharset() more than once for
the same pattern because the whole array gets clobbered and reset on each
call.  Maybe harmless, I again hope PWS will have a better idea.

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