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[PATCH v2 00/14] Improvements to the Git completion functions


Upon request from ft at #zsh here's resend of the patch series I sent in some
times ago. In the mean time Luka Perkov as sent in some changes and I've
checked that we're not stepping on eachother's toes.


 - I skipped the commit that documented --early-output. It's not documented
   in the Git docs either as far as I can tell isn't really meant for
   interactive use.
 - I've left out a lot of the "controversal" TODO removals: There are still
   some TODOs that are removed; I've checked and these are actually
   documented in the Git docs, or are in fact not even supported by Git.
   Commit messages have been reworded as needed.
 - A commit that fixed one of our own mistakes has been squashed into the
   offending commit (Move --(no-)follow to log-specific options)

I hope to send in another patch series adding new stuff from v1.8.4 soon.


m0viefreak (9):
  _git: fix a wrong variable in __git_config_values
  _git: fix usage of ->int: for some entries in _git-config
  _git: make git submodule <cmd> completion work
  _git: correctly use __git_guard_number in some cases
  _git: completion updates to match latest git v1.8.3
  _git: reword _git-config TODO
  _git: support completing remote branches without <remote>/ prefix
  _git: correct some "undocumented" options
  _git: git rm: make git rm --cached work as intended

Øystein Walle (5):
  _git: completion updates to match latest git v1.8.3 part 2
  _git: add new configuration options to match latest git v1.8.3
  _git: fix some typos in description texts
  _git: remove TODOs of actually documented options
  _git: change completion text for consistency

 Completion/Unix/Command/_git | 571 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 1 file changed, 430 insertions(+), 141 deletions(-)


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