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Bug: Completion of the 'zsh' command.


Filename arguments of the 'zsh' command cannot be completed.

Distro: ArchLinux
Kernel: linux 3.11.4-1
Arch: x86-64
zsh: 5.0.2

Also reproducable on a Mac OSX 10.8 with zsh installed from Homebrew.

How to reproduce:

1. Create a new user account on my Linux to set up a clean environment.
Then use compinstall to initialize a default setting. (This is optional
since it is usually reproducable whenever completion is enabled)

2. Create a new text file:

    $ echo 'echo hello' > hello.zsh

3. Type 'zsh ./h' (no quote) and press TAB

What actually happens: The file hello.zsh is listed below, but continue
pressing TAB will not select the file 'hello.zsh'. Nothing happens.

What I think it should happen: zsh should cycle through all filenames in
the current directory beginning with 'h' (because I typed './h') and
complete it.

More information:

* The Mac OSX comes with an older 4.x version of zsh and it completes
the filename normally.

* The zsh FAQ 4.6 (http://zsh.sourceforge.net/FAQ/zshfaq04.html#l50)
works. It will start file completion normally, but I don't understand
why the completer of the 'zsh' command is not expecting any file in the
current directory. Also there are many scripts in
/usr/share/zsh/functions/Completion and many scripts for zsh's internal
commands, but there is no script for the 'zsh' command itself. Is it
placed elsewhere?

Kunshan Wang

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