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Re: Install run-help and *.zwc files system wide in build system

On Nov 10, 11:28pm, Martin Vaeth wrote:
} (This is my first attempt to post a patch to a mailing list;
} I hope attachments are allowed).

We generally prefer the patches in-line unless that might result in
their being garbled by your email client.  Attaching them text/plain
as you did (rather than as text/x-diff or application/x-patch or
some such) is the next best thing.

Thanks for this, particularly for the locale and groff tweaks.  I'll
leave it to PWS to decide how to fold this in.  Some comments:

} since I was at it, I also added a _run-help completion file
} to the patch.

Why?  Does anybody ever actually type out "run-help" as a command and
then attempt to complete after it?  Normally run-help is auto-executed
from the corresponding widget, there's no opportunity for completion.

} I agree, of course, that "generate-help.sh" should better
} generate the run-help files directly from yodl, but I am not (yet)
} familiar enough with yodl to do this.

Another suggestion (I've probably made this one before in past years)
would be to do all of this in perl directly in Util/helpfiles, instead
of needing other external processes piped into it.

} In the moment, I have not attempted to put the generated
} run-help directory into the tarball, since this can lead
} to other problems: This directory contains symlinks which
} are not available on all systems...

For tarball purposes, the symlinks could be followed when packing ... or
we could actually use hard links, I'm not sure what benefit there is to
using symlinks in this particular case.

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