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Re: Test suite failures in 5.0.2-test-1 _and_ 5.0.2-test-3 on automatic build (was: Re: 5.0.2-test-2 is available)

On Dec 2,  5:28pm, Axel Beckert wrote:
} *** /tmp/zsh.ztst.err.16395	Mon Dec  2 16:15:29 2013
} --- /tmp/zsh.ztst.terr.16395	Mon Dec  2 16:15:29 2013
} ***************
} *** 0 ****
} --- 1 ----
} + (eval):setopt:1: can't change option: MONITOR

This is a tough one to reproduce because I can't manually create a case
where the MONITOR option can't be reset.

However, changing the option is non-critical to the test itself, so it's
only necessary to suppress the extra stderr output.

Attempting to test this did reveal that acquire_pgrp() can still be caused
to go into an infinite loop, even after the patch in 31906, if the shell
that is attempting to assert MONITOR is sufficiently far down the process
tree from the parent that actually controls the terminal.  I guess that
loop just needs to give up after a certain number of failed attempts, if
it really needs to be a loop at all.  (No patch for that yet.)

diff --git a/Test/A05execution.ztst b/Test/A05execution.ztst
index ba7e02c..61f6f5a 100644
--- a/Test/A05execution.ztst
+++ b/Test/A05execution.ztst
@@ -179,7 +179,7 @@
 0:Status reset by starting a backgrounded command
-  setopt MONITOR
+  { setopt MONITOR } 2>/dev/null
   [[ -o MONITOR ]] || print -u $ZTST_fd 'Unable to change MONITOR option'
   repeat 2048; do (return 2 |
                    return 1 |

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