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Re: 5.0.2-test-2 is available

On Mon, 02 Dec 2013 16:51:37 +0000
Peter Stephenson <p.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> However, using the Doc bundle would probably be a good enough fix in
> practice.  I should probably check that doesn't produce idiosyncrasies
> with helpfiles on Cygwin.

That seems to work OK; no problem on a random Cygwin installation.

It seems to me we should be more upfront about this in the INSTALL file,
as below.

Am I waiting for anything else before 5.0.3?

diff --git a/INSTALL b/INSTALL
index f4b09e0..00791cd 100644
@@ -13,6 +13,26 @@ instructions in the first.
+The main shell can be compiled with tools available on a typical
+Unix-like system including development packages.  However, the
+documentation requires various additional tools that are not so standard:
+- YODL, for turning the documentation source files (.yo) into manual
+pages and TeXinfo source for producing PDF and .info formats;
+- Perl and interactive manual tools, for turning the zshbuiltins(1)
+manual into help files that can be displayed by the run-help function.
+For example, the colcrt or col tool, not typically required for
+installing software, must be available.
+To avoid needing these, the source distribution is supplemented by a
+documentation distribution that may be downloaded from the same place as
+the source.  This provides fully generated documentation with references
+to files in the default locations.
 Check MACHINES File
Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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