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Re: Bug report

I have seen the much improved patch by Peter Stephenson and find it to be the perfect solution. Thank you guys for the quick reaction and your detailed explanations. You rock!

> On 14.12.2013, at 20:08, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Dec 14,  7:44pm, Patrick Oscity wrote:
> }
> }    * the right prompt is not right aligned, it is in fact shifted to the
> }      left by one character
> This is intentional, because a particular kind of terminal device that
> was very widespread a few years ago had a misfeature wherein printing to
> the lower right corner character position scrolls the screen up a line.
> Terminal types that have this behavior are not readily identifiable from
> terminfo descriptions, and the extra space along the right side was
> deemed less annoying than an entire extra line across the bottom (and
> corresponding loss of whatever was in the line that scrolled off the
> top).
> Worse, there was another common terminal where filling the bottom line
> of the screen and then writing a trailing newline would NOT scroll the
> display, resulting in e.g. blank lines disappearing from output.
> Much easier than attempting to detect different combinations of this was
> to always be sure that the only thing ever written in the lower right
> corner *is* a newline, and only when scrolling is wanted.
> Given the number of other prompt-specific setopts we have at this point,
> we could potentially add another one to control this, but I think the
> default behavior should remain as it is.

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