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Re: padding in vt100 causes 'make check' to hang on FreeBSD

On Dec 17, 12:36am, Jun T. wrote:
} Various capabilities of vt100 contain the ancient "padding", and FreeBSD's
} slave side tputs() actually sends 'null bytes' as paddings before sending
} the <PROMPT>. But the zsh on the master side just considers the 'null byte'
} as the end of C-string, and the line 96 never returns.

I would be willing to bet this is happening because of this (README):

    The variable BAUD is no longer set automatically by the shell.
    In previous versions it was set to the baud rate reported by
    the terminal driver in order to initialise the line editor's
    compensation mechanism for slow baud rates.  However, the baud
    rate so reported is very rarely related to the limiting speed of
    screen updates on modern systems.  Users who need the compensation
    mechanism should set BAUD to an appropriate rate by hand.

Please try the following and let us know if it helps:

diff --git a/Test/comptest b/Test/comptest
index 5577209..645a963 100644
--- a/Test/comptest
+++ b/Test/comptest
@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ comptestinit () {
 "bindkey -$comptest_keymap" \
 stty columns 80 rows 24
 setopt zle
 autoload -U compinit

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