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Re: Fwd (potential regression in 5.0.3): Bug#732726: zsh function freeze


On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 12:27:00PM -0800, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Dec 20,  8:24pm, Axel Beckert wrote:
> } Since 5.0.4 seems close, I thought I'd better forward it soon despite
> } I haven't looked at it closer yet.
> You're just a tiny bit too late -- PWS announced zsh-5.0.4 about 25
> minutes before your email was sent. :-(

Hrm, I just saw the git tags so far, but neither me nor Frank Terbeck
have received such an announcement via e-mail yet. Well, maybe it's
hanging in Greylisting or such.

Thanks for the information anyway. :-)

		Kind regards, Axel
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