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Re: [PATCH] copy-prev-shell-word broken since 4.3.11

On Dec 29,  4:04am, Carl Drougge wrote:
} Subject: [PATCH] copy-prev-shell-word broken since 4.3.11
} I used to be able to use copy-prev-shell-word to copy the word to the
} left of my cursor. At some point this broke, always giving the last
} word on the line, [...]
} I have never looked at the zsh source before, but hopefully this patch
} doesn't break something else.

LEXFLAGS_ZLE looks quite plausible here, and it does seem to work as
expected.  However, I think I'm going to wait for PWS to pick this one
up, as he's the originator of LEXFLAGS_*.

I just noticed that, given a multiplier > 1, copy-prev-word includes the
whitespace following the copied word, whereas copy-prev-shell-word does
not.  I don't have 4.3.10 handy to test with and 4.2.0 doesn't support
using the numeric multiplier to retrieve earlier words.  I think this is
actually a "bug" in copy-prev-word because the whitespace is not kept
when the multiplier is 1 (or not given).

Barton E. Schaefer

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