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Re: PATCH _cd: completion fails for

Bart Schaefer <schaefer <at> brasslantern.com> writes:

> After looking at this for a while I think you are close, but not quite
> right.  There are two uses of $tmpWpath, but I believe only one of them
> needs additional quoting.
> This also needs to be careful to quote each element of the array before
> the elements are joined, because the reference is inside double-quotes.

Hello Bart

I am afraid, your patch doesn't work for me.

Fetched zsh 5.0.4, built it on MacOS X 10.9.1.
When I hit the tab, the shell immediately exits.

It happens when it type

     cd /usr/lo<TAB>

as well as

     ls /tmp/g<TAB>

Applying your patch - using _cd from a fresh git checkout - hasn't fixed it.
The problem is not a space in a path, but in the handling of tab characters.

I have been using the same zsh key-bindings for years on various OS
without incurring this problem.

Reverted back to 5.0.2, where the tab character works as expected.


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