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Re: Weird behaviour of a multiline prompt

29.10.2016, 21:49, "Bart Schaefer" <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Oct 29, 9:13pm, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Pavlov (ZyX) wrote:
> }
> } PS1=$'abc\n'
> }
> } (i.e. non-empty line above an empty prompt) then it shows up as
> } expected when I replace my prompt with this. But when I try using
> } exactly the same prompt in `pexpect` zsh no longer shows any prompt at
> } all: neither `abc`, nor RPS1.
> Check to see if the SINGLE_LINE_ZLE option has become set when inside
> pexpect? RPS1 is not printed in single-line mode, and only the last
> line of PS1.

My test suite is testing multiline prompts which also have PS1 and this works, up until I do not try to use prompt with empty last line. A check shows that `$options[singlelinezle]` evaluates to `off` while this problem is in effect.

> Fix would be to force the environment value of LINES to be something
> greater than 1 for pexpect.

Though making $LINES actually be 3 (in pexpect I used 1x300 screen, 2x300 neither did work well) fixes this bug and previously ignored bug with RPS1 not showing up was also fixed, thanks.

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