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Re: Bug: Ubuntu apt-get install package-*

On 10 Nov, Bart wrote:
> On Nov 10, 10:43pm, Bob wrote:
> }
> } When I run install commands with `*` for all packages I get a zsh error
> } while it works in bash.
> Maybe it's time for something like this?
> (Truly horrible implementation follows, don't commit this, presented
> for example purposes only, etc. etc.)

> torch% echo bl?or*      
> zsh: correct 'bl?or*' to 'bl\?or\*' [nyae]? y
> bl?or*

An interesting idea. Given that correction happens before globbing
I can't think of any particularly sane criteria for when to trigger
this correction. The "horrible implementation" seems to take anything
two characters in length or longer and ~ is not regarded as a pattern
character. So haswilds must be returning false for just '*' or '?' which
seems odd.

So as it is, it would just be irritating because it would offer a
correction virtually every time you attempt to use a glob. If you defer
the correction to when a glob fails then it could be irritating if a
glob gets used in a loop and it could mean that a complex command
combination might be half-way through already before you see a
correction that would warrant an abort or edit response.

And without making this the default, it probably won't help the situation
much for bash exiles expecting nonomatch behaviour.


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