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Re: PATCH: revert 39611 and add tests and comments

Bart Schaefer wrote on Thu, Dec 08, 2016 at 17:02:49 -0800:
> On Dec 8,  9:04pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> }
> } In an attempt to avoid a repeat when I come to do that, this adds
> } fairly comprehensive tests of _arguments. No tests for the little
> } used -w because it is either broken or I was too confused. Or -n
> } for somewhat similar reasons.  A few tests are commented where I
> } think the behaviour is not right.
> I've been adding such comments as "F:" lines in the redirection part
> of the test, so that they're printed if the test fails.  Comment in
> B01cd says "useful for explaining certain frequent errors, for example
> ones which may arise from the environment rather than from the shell"
> but this seems ideal for explaining *expected* failures such as might
> happen if a questionable behavior is deliberately changed.

Agreed, done, also added a backslash per another comment.  I didn't
check why four backslashes were required.

diff --git a/Test/Y03arguments.ztst b/Test/Y03arguments.ztst
index b5a5a4b..6f0cac0 100644
--- a/Test/Y03arguments.ztst
+++ b/Test/Y03arguments.ztst
@@ -40,14 +40,13 @@
-# it ought to be possible to include the quoted backslash here
- tst_arguments ':desc2:((a\:a\ value b\:other\\value))'
+ tst_arguments ':desc2:((a\:a\ value b\:other\\\\value))'
  comptest $'tst \t'
 0:a and b with descriptions
 >line: {tst }{}
 >NO:{a  -- a value}
->NO:{b  -- othervalue}
+>NO:{b  -- other\value}
  tst_arguments ':desc1:(arg1)' ':desc2:(arg2)' ':desc3:(arg3)'
  comptest $'tst \t\t\t\C-w\C-w\C-w\C-d'
@@ -430,7 +429,6 @@
 >line: {tst -h -}{}
 >MESSAGE:{no arguments}
-# this would ideally not offer -b as it is already on the command-line
  tst_arguments -a '(-a)-b'
  comptest $'tst - -b\C-b\C-b\C-b\t'
 0:exclusion only applies to later words
@@ -438,8 +436,8 @@
+F:shouldn't offer -b as it is already on the command-line
-# ideally, would handle exclusion within the current word
  tst_arguments -s : '(-d)-a' -b -c -d
  comptest $'tst -ab\t -\t\eb\eb \C-b-\t'
 0:exclusion with clumped options, in, after and before
@@ -454,17 +452,18 @@
+F:the first tab press shouldn't offer -d since -a is on the command line
  tst_arguments '-a:arg' -b '(-b)-c'
  comptest $'tst -a -c -\t'
 0:exclusion with option argument that looks like an option
 >line: {tst -a -c -}{}
 >MESSAGE:{no arguments}
-# seems we don't handle this case, ideal result would be as follows
-#>line: {tst -a -c -}{}
+F:The current behaviour is wrong; the correct expected output is:
+F:>line: {tst -a -c -}{}
  tst_arguments --abc --aah :arg:
  comptesteval 'setopt bashautolist automenu'

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