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plugin conventions (Re: off topic)

On 9 Dec, Bart wrote:
> On Dec 10,  3:50am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> }
> } Rather than a source-able file, would it perhaps make sense to embrace
> } the concept of plugins.
> If we're going that route, the plugin manager that Sebastian has been
> asking us for advice about for the last several months might be an
> interesting idea.

It's certainly an option to take an existing plugin manager and without
having looked into any of them, I would tend to assume that Sebastian's
is the best. It is also clearly very feature rich.

I used the wording "rudimentary plugin manager" because what I had
in mind foremost is standardising the conventions. A basic reference
implementation helps with documenting that and determining what issues
there might be. But perhaps that's already known. For example, I seem
to remember something about the various frameworks causing compinit to
be run multiple times. A pure plugin manager has no business running
compinit even once but if there is a fundamental reason such as needing
to do something only after compinit has run then perhaps we could add a
hook in to compinit. Or was a good solution found for zplugin?

> Although the idea with this particular file was simply to fold it in to
> compinit.

default_zstyle() doesn't prevent it altering an existing user's setup so
unconditional inclusion might be a problem.


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