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Reasons Why your Website Zsh.sourceforge.net is Not Doing Good?

Hello *Zsh.sourceforge.net <http://Zsh.sourceforge.net>* Team,

I would like to have a discussion with you regarding the web promotion
strategy for your website Zsh.sourceforge.net. We wish to work out a
proposal to strengthen the online presence of your website, via a
strategically planned web promotion campaign. In today’s online era, you
should be focusing on the new revolutionary ways of generating traffic (and
subsequently, leads).

We are curious to know if you are aware that a few issues bugging your
website and sorting out these will help you get the best returns out of
your website.

1. Your website seems to be attracting traffic, but this traffic is almost
stagnant and limited, which affects potential sales as you move forward.

2. Your website doesn’t feature in Google's first search page for some of
the major keywords in your niche, which affects visibility and your

3. Your website has been diagnosed with On-Page and On-Site issues, which
affects the ranking.

4. Your back links profile is not efficient enough to help your search
engine visibility.

5. Your website is currently not being properly promoted online according
to Google’s new guidelines (after latest Google Panda & Penguin update),
which is affecting your marketing strategy and goals.

6. Your presence in social media platform is minimal. This is depriving you
of a huge market of prospective referral clients.

7. Your website may penalized by Google.

8. Social media profiles are not updated regularly.

9. Low number of internal and external quality links present on your

10. Not updating fresh contents for your website and blogs as per the
latest Google guideline (Penguin & Panda).

And many more...

We are expert in running promotional online marketing campaign for
websites. We have a host of ethical services and techniques, which you can
utilize to improve your website's performance.

Also let me update you that our service price is very affordable and cost
effective which will come up within your budget.

If my proposal sound's interesting for your business goal, feel free to
email me, or can provide me with your phone number, Whatsapp number or
Skype Id  and the best time to call you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would be glad to hear back from you.

Best Regards,
Alannah Garvin
Search Engine Consultant

*PS*: I am not Spamming you. I have studied your website, prepared an audit
report and believe I can help with your business promotion. If you still
want us to not contact you, you can ignore this email or ask to remove and
I will not contact again.

*Note: To show you the issues we can prepare an Audit report for your
website **Zsh.sourceforge.net <http://Zsh.sourceforge.net>**. If you'll
need this audit report please write me back, our technical team will
forward to you as soon as possible.*

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