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RE:PCB Design

Nice greetings from Shenzhen, China.
I would like to take the opportunities to introduce our company “GT PCB and GT EMS” 
It is an PCB/EMS Company based in Hong Kong w/production plant in Wuhan, China.
What We are capable of PCB?
— 1500mm  Long Board PCB  
— Aluminum PCB /  FR4 
 — Rigid-PCB  
— Thin PCB (0.1MM)  
— 1-20 Layer PCB
What We are capable of EMS?
--- BGAball diameter: 0.12mm; BGA pitch: 0.35mm-1.27; QFN/QFP fine pitch:0.35mm
---01005 chip component  &  Odd component
---Equipment: Online SPI  & NPM-D2/CM101-D mounter & X-ray & BGA rework table
---Systen control: MES & ESD real time monitor system
---PCBA & sub-assembly & complete system installation

If you are looking for a cost effective contract manufacturer which professional support on manufacturing please do remember us. I will be very happy to react when the time comes. 
Can you kindly tell your requirments on PCB products?
Best regards 
Golden Triangle EMS & Technologies Ltd. 
Golden Triangle PCB & Technologies Ltd. 
Phone: +86 (0) 755 2350 1255
Mobile: +86 (0) 181 2702 8300

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