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Re: Performance tests of quoting and dequoting, printf -v turned out slow

2018-03-10 09:36:42 +0100, Sebastian Gniazdowski:
> I only changed method of time measurement in your snippet, and obtained the slowness:
> % typeset -F3 SECONDS=0; INPUT='ice as"program" pick"$ZPFX/bin/prll_(qer|bfr)" src"prll.sh" make"install PREFIX=$ZPFX"'; for ((i = 0; i < 50000; i++)); do printf -v OUTPUT '%q' "$INPUT"; done; echo $SECONDS
> 151.137
> Not sure what using `time' instead of $SECONDS does, but above method is less suspected of any side effects.

More importantly here, the difference is that you have that code
interpreted by your interactive shell that has read your
~/.zshrc, while the "time" version starts a new non-interactive
shell that doesn't read ~/.zshrc to interpret the code.

There is probably something in your interactive shell
environment that is causing that.

What do you see, if you run:

(set -x; repeat 5 printf -v x x)

What's the output of:

type printf

Do you get the same behaviour if you run that same code after
"zsh -f" (a new interactive shell instance that doesn't read
your ~/.zshrc)?


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