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Re: [doc] "sh_word_split nothing to do with word splitting"?

Op 11-03-18 om 21:53 schreef Stephane Chazelas:
> What about changing it to something like:
> +Causes tt($IFS) field splitting to be performed on unquoted parameter
> +expansions in addition to command substitutions. Note that contrary to
> +POSIX shells, field splitting is still not performed on unquoted
> +arithmetic expansions

In terms of sh emulation, that's actually a bug. It may be terrible (who
would ever want to split an arithmetic expansion?), but emulation is
emulation and SH_WORD_SPLIT should cause splitting as in POSIX sh.

>                        and contrary to the Bourne shell, not on words
> +that are not the result of expansions.

Now that even Solaris finally got rid of it, I think the ancient Bourne
shell is definitively obsolete and not worth mentioning in current
documentation. POSIX is the norm now.

>                                         Like in other Bourne-like shells,

I'd say "Like in other POSIX shells,".

> Not sure it's worth mentioning:
> $var() function-definition
> as a context where shwordsplit happens.

It might be better if the possibility to define functions by names
resulting from expansions were disabled completely if SH_WORD_SPLIT is
active, so the program fails properly instead of producing weird/broken

Alternatively, SH_WORD_SPLIT could be ignored in that context.

- M.

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