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Re: [PATCH] fix backslash added incompatibility after previous patch

> On 22 Apr 2018, at 20:45, Ricardo Giorni <ricardo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> After patch 42355, escaped backslashes on here-documents stopped working.
> 	cat <<-HERE
> 		foo\\
> 		bar
> Before patch 42355 (zsh 5.4), and on latest dash and bash:
> 	foo\
> 	bar
> After:
> 	foo\	bar
> —
> Ricardo

Adding more background here, after zsh-workers/42355, which updated the way here docs are processed, some open source configuration scripts that used to comment last backslash before new line broke.

What I did on this patch is move the comparison when a backslash is found, not when the new line is found. I added some new tests for this specific scenario.

What was changed on 42355 is still working, as the tests added at the time still shows up.

Can someone review it, please?


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