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Any ideas for syntax of a task specification?

I currently use following syntax of a task (the task is: file to source):

... atinit"code to be run before running task" \
    atload"code to be run after running task" \
    load"condition to load task, e.g. [[ $PROMPT = yes ]]" \
    unload"condition to unload task, e.g. [[ $PROMPT = no ]]"
    wait"time to wait before loading task, # of seconds, alternative to

Background & motivation is: 1-code-line with substitution is sufficient to
detect task that needs to be run. The substitution uses code execution,
calls math function.

It's task-management, elastic scheduler, in few lines of code, fast.

So I wonder: has anyone seen in e.g. daily job, in some other technology, a
syntax to specify complex things, tasks, that could be used? Or has some
idea? Zsh can serialize hashes, so ZSH_TASKS array (on which the
1-code-line  substitution operates) can hold very rich task specification.

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author