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Bug: zsh vim textobjects and slash

[I am not subscribed to this list, so please little r me when replying.
also, hope this is the appropriate place to report a bug in zsh, please let
me know if it isn't].

zsh vim mode supports vim textobjects but the behavior is different then
vim. one particularly annoying case is the 'word' text object which in zsh
separates on whitespace but in vim on other special characters such as
slash '/'.

Example: if I'm typing `ls /var/lib/docker` and want to change 'lib' to
'run', I would place the cursor in the 'lib' word, and do `ciw`. In vim
this would delete the 'lib' word and put me in insert mode. In zsh it
deletes the entire path ('var/lib/docker').

I'm constantly hitting this issue which actually made me adapt the habit of
not using `ciw` anymore in zsh *and in vim*. So zsh's vim support actually
ruined my vim skills instead of supporting it... :(

I have found this similar other report:

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